Сваебойная установка JOVE в Краснодаре


Модель JVHZ62


Item Parameters
Dimensions(mm)(work length × work width × transport height) 13500×5500×4300
(DF62)diesel hammer Piston weight 6.2T
Maximum fuel consumption diesel:19.1L/h; lubricants:3L/h
Diesel hammer (pile caps excluded) Total weight 13T
Mast the total height 20m
The max. single pile length 10m
Diesel engine power 60KW
Fuel tank volume 165L
Walking speed forward shift ≤3.98 m/min
Back shift ≤2.35m/min
Left shift ≤4.7m/min
Right shift ≤7.95 m/min
Turning angle -20°~20°
Leg lift stroke 0.9 m
Main winch single rope pull 5.5T
The main winch lifting speed (hanging diesel hammer) 6.8m/min
auxiliary winch single rope pull 3T
auxiliary winch lifting speed (2 rate) 12m/min
Hydraulic system system rated pressure 19MPa
auxiliary winch rated pressure 13Mpa
the flow of the main winch(full flow) 128L/min(PS: the value of the full-flow engine speed tune 2000rpm)
auxiliary winch flow (full flow) 64L/min(PS: the value of the full-flow engine speed tune 2000rpm)
Hydraulic pump work Oil Pump (Double pump) Model K3SP36C
Displacement Displacement 32×2ml/r
Maximum pressure 28Mpa
Pilot pump Model CBT-F410-Alφ
Displacement 9.4ml/r
set pressure 3.4Mpa
Total Weight 100T